Our 2022 Recipients

Robert (Ghost) Horness II

Bob is 66.   He has 5 daughters along with wife. Debbie.  He is an avid motorcyclist and retired member of SCMC.  In 2000 he had open heart surgery.  He's had numerous heart attacks since.  Only 14% of his heart is  functioning.  They are going to replace the left side with a MCSD (mechanical circulatory support device) to pump blood though his system.

Burnie Lorenz

Burnie and his wife Cindy were dedicated to the Plymouth School District for many years of their careers. Burnie as a custodian and Cindy as an aide at Horizon Elementary School. They are heart-centered with their support and love for the Plymouth-area community. 

They are intricate participants in an annual aluminum tab drive with their camping group supporting the Ronald McDonald House.

Burnie's long battle with Bronchiectasis, a lung disease, has come to a critical point. He is in need of a double lung transplant.  He is currently working with doctors at UW Madison and travels often for appointments.  He will need to stay in the hospital for 1 month after surgery and then in special housing for 2 more months.

Burnie has always lived a positive and productive life.  His Bronchiectasis diagnosis has never held him back in work, camping trips with Cindy, and playing with his Grandchildren.  However, it has now come to a time where his lung function is no longer good, and he needs this lung transplant to survive.

Wendy McKnight

Wendy has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in the lungs, thyroid, and right hip.  The struggles  have been overwhelming for their entire family.  The process of diagnosing has also discovered an enlarged kidney with a significant mass as well as a couple of blood clots in her brain.   These clots are affecting her speech and overall ability to communicate in all ways.

She has started Chemo which has been extremely difficult on her.

Wendy and husband Brian are both born and raised in Plymouth and have a son in 8th grade.  Wendy has worked for many years with Plymouth Ambulance and up to her diagnosis, for Plymouth Fire. She has been responding and helping many in need in our community for so many years.